Summer 2017

Ballet & Dance

INTERNATIONAL BALLET INTENSIVE (AGES 12+ and pre-professionals.  Jr. Program: AGES 7-11.)
BURLINGTON, MA  |  June 26 – July 14      NORWELL, MA  |  July 17 – August 4
Our International Ballet Intensive is a six or three week summer ballet program for American and international students ranging in levels from beginner to pre-professional. We offer a strong Vaganova curriculum for dancers to develop technically and artistically. Classes are taught by Ballet Masters from East Europe and USA in ballet pointe, pas de deux, variations, modern, and more!  > More details

1 week available: Aug 15 – 18 | Tues-Fri 9am – 1:30pm
Cost: $295

Join us before the summer ends for a more in-depth journey into Contemporary. This program explores contemporary and lyrical movements as well as re-enforcing technique and expanding on what had already been set it terms of foundation in young dancers. Dancers will receive a full cardio/stretch warm up, followed by an introduction to jazz class, ballet and contemporary. All classes will have progressions and combinations as well as partnering and skill building exercises.

Parkour + Tumbling

2 weeks available: July 10 – 14 and/or Aug 14 – 18 (Sorry, Aug 14 week is full.  Call to get on wait list.) | Mon-Fri 9am – 3:30pm
Cost: $295
Parkour, Tumbling, team building exercises and more!  Is there are better way to spend the summer?  Parkour instruction will be provided by the experienced and ADAPT-certified Parkour Generations Boston team.  Minimum of 7 students per session.  Maximum of 16.

Kempo Karate

2 weeks available: July 17 – 21 and/or Aug 21 – 25 | Mon-Fri 9am – 2:00pm.
Cost: $250
Join us for fun karate games, team building challenges, an ice cream party, obstacle course, tie-dye, tumbling, water balloon battles, and more!

Beginner Chess

1 week available: July 24 – 28 | Mon-Fri 9am – 4:00pm  (Half Day Options available:  9am – 12:00pm or 1:00- 4:00pm)
Cost: $400 (half day: $225)
During this Summer session, we will examine many essential elements of chess. We will cover the history of the game, dissect key opening and endgame strategies, and participate in a mini in-house tournament. Students will also work together in groups, learning to solve basic chess problems and to relate chess strategies to real-life decision making.