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*Rising Storm Training Academy operates within New England Movement Arts

Rising Storm Training Academy (RSTA)┬áis a dynamic school known for its fun games and teamwork-oriented environment. We provide students with opportunities to grow and advance through belt levels. In addition, we offer excellent incentives and family discounts. Our goal is to blend the individual’s character and creativity with the traditional and current views of the martial arts. It is through this devotion that we always push toward developing new teaching methods that lead to the success of each student, inside New England Movement Arts (NEMA) and out.

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Why Parents Like RSTA

Family values like respect, humility, self-control and honesty are an integral part of our Martial Arts program. Karate is one of the very few places outside of the home where these principles are taught. They are the fundamental difference between Martial Arts and any other activity in which your child may participate.

Benefits of Our Karate Program

  • Check in cards used for family drop-off/pick-up safety
  • Family rates available
  • State of the art spring flooring allows less joint pain
  • Multiple class times for added convenience
  • Character development chart for children
  • Opportunity to earn official Black Belt!