About New England Movement Arts Fencing

The NEMA Fencing Center offers fencing for Children, Teenagers, Adults and Seniors in foil, saber and epee, starting from the introductory level through competitive fencing at the national and international levels. We believe that everyone can fence for curiosity, fun, exercise, recreation, and competition! Our NEMA instructors encourage youth and adults to come and discover the joy of the Olympic sport of fencing and to learn and appreciate its unique, interactive physical and mental activity. In addition, we encourage our fencers to be completely involved in this elegant sport, through which children and teenagers can develop confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, responsibility and leadership, while adults and seniors can keep active and fit.

Fencing, which is also a collegiate sport in many major colleges and universities, is a safe individual and team sport that challenges the fencer’s physical agility, mental alertness and imagination. Young adults and teenagers can come to our Center to learn and train while our instructors help them prepare for college and varsity fencing teams. Our staff has the unique experience and expertise to help and support college-bound teenage fencers. Coach Fritz Chang is currently an assistant fencing coach at Wellesley College, while Coach Tim Chang was a former captain of the Mens Fencing Team at Stanford University.

The NEMA Fencing Center aims to provide a training space for local fencing teams to practice and grow in their art. In addition, the NEMA Fencing Center is currently planning to host future fencing clinics and host local competitions for youth and adult fencers.