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About New England Movement Arts Dance

New England Movement Arts (NEMA) offers a full range of dance classes for the aspiring young student to the novice adult. We offer a range of studies, from creative dance to pre-professional training and courses in modern and jazz. NEMA will provide proper consistent training crucial for injury prevention and the development of strong dance technique with virtuosity which will empower and inspire our students and community.

Our faculty with extensive national and international experience shall provide the highest quality of instruction to all students, fostering and promoting cultural growth. We strive to supply students with tools and chances for developing their talents as dancers while they become confident, centered, expressive and disciplined characters in society.

NEMA students will have performing opportunities during the school year with both their individual class as well as the full Academy. Auditions for the Student Company and other productions will be posted. Some productions will include guest appearances by professional dancers. These performance opportunities give students the chance to learn many facets of stage production as well as displaying progress and skills as performers. Where appropriate, students will be invited to perform internationally.

Class Placement

Class placement is solely the decision of the Academy Directors and faculty. Class levels are determined by age, previous experience and ability. Every effort is made to place each student in the appropriate level.

A student must demonstrate consistent mastery of all technical and artistic aspects of his/her present class level in order to advance to the next level. Some students will need to remain for more than two year in certain levels.

It is our goal to assist students in attaining the highest levels of mastery and achievement through our dance curriculum. Because students progress at different rates, it is likely that some within a class level may be promoted to a higher level during the school year. In the rare instance that a student is promoted to a higher level during the school year, he/she will pay any additional tuition costs of the higher level on a pro-rated basis.